Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Newsletter

AtRivers Edge RV Resort

Spring 2011 Newsletter

We will be focusing on spring cleanup the next few weeks and ask your cooperation in cleaning up your rented space, particularly RV and site appearance as well as clutter.  Off-site storage is available for those of you who have amassed more items than your space can accommodate.    Many of you are exceptionally neat and tidy all year long and we appreciate your high standards.  For those individuals needing motivation, the park staff will notify you before cleaning your site and charging you for the time and disposal expense incurred.  We will be making a walk through site review during early May to identify any problem areas and in this case, “no news is good news”!   Saturday, 30Apr11, is the date of the 1st annual garage sale.  You can register for a spot by signing the roster in the clubhouse.

Utilities:  Please do not flush wipes, sanitary napkins, cigarette butts, coffee grounds, grease, oil or other “unusual” items into the septic system via toilet, sink or sewer connection.  We continually monitor discharge quality and quantity.  Always turn off power breakers in electric box before plugging in and unplugging your power cords.   

Pets:  Thanks to everyone who takes such good care of their companion-cleaning up after him/her, curtailing rambunctious behavior and assuming responsibility for their actions.   For those of you who need to be reminded:  If you have not already registered your pet with the office, signed the pet agreement, & provided us with written documentation of current license and rabies certificates, you need to do so at this time.  We also remind you to keep your pet on a leash attached to you at all times when walking about park property and on the river bar.  Pets are not to be left unattended or tied up outside your unit.  Pet excrement/dung is to be immediately picked up, bagged and disposed of in the dumpster.  Pet stations are well marked and conveniently located throughout the property.

Trash & Recycling Reminder:  We ask that you review our garbage and recycling procedures.  CTR specifically restricts the dumpster for collection of household garbage ONLY.  CTR pickup is every Monday morning about 10 am.   Please do not leave bags of trash near or on top of the dumpster because they will be scattered. Recent sightings of random raccoons have been reported.  Minimizing our efforts to manage the garbage and recycling help control expenses. The recycling center helps keep our garbage costs down and we appreciate your cooperation utilizing the program and following the recycle instructions.  If you have any questions about what can be recycled through our center, ask park staff, as CTR makes periodic changes in their acceptance policies.  Disposal of TVs, Computers or Monitors is PROHIBITED! 

Speed Limits:  Our 10 MPH speed limit is maintained throughout the property.  We remind you to constantly monitor your speed and watch for pedestrians, so we do not have to get involved in regulating your behavior.

Occupants:  This is a privately owned and insured property.  All visitors must register at the office.  Our restroom and gate codes are for the exclusive use of our guests, so do not share the code we provide you with anyone else.  We have specific codes for day visitor use. 

Welcome Workampers:  This spring/summer the Outmans and Monforts are returning to help around the resort and in the office. We will happily introduce them to you as soon as they arrive.  Please join us in welcoming them to our small and extended community. 

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Thank you for your continued support and patronage!