Friday, February 18, 2011

Snow can be expected.

We have seen some pretty crazy weather this week but in many ways, this weather is quite normal for this time of the year.  What seemed actually strange were the unusually warm and dry weather days we had in January and the first half of February.  I remember several years of freezing weather in December, January and February months.  One year in January, our park did not receive garbage service for nearly 10 days because of ice on the road after six or so inches of snow.  This weather is unwelcome but necessary to keep our hills green and river water full.  As part of our responsibility to our guests at our campground, we must keep an eye on our faucets and pipes.  This wild swing in temperatures could lead to frozen pipes or worse, broken pipes.  This weather of wind, snow, and hail will continue through next week.  On the bright side, we expect some sunshine this weekend so, we encourage you to get out and go camping.

Rain is coming.

We have enjoyed nearly a month of calm quiet weather that is ending this week.  For those who are not familiar with Brookings weather, we get a lot of rain each year.  Our average rainfall is nearly 80 inches annually and in some years I have seem nearly 120 inches.  Since Brookings and Curry County is referred to as the "Banana Belt" of Oregon, our temperature are usually warmer in the winter months.  This means not much snow falls in the hills, so we need consistent moderate rain in order to have steady water during the late summer months.  So, for the next 10 days or so, we will return to normal rainfall and have to wear rain suits and boots to stay dry.  The Chetco River will rise in level and hopefully, we will not see flood conditions.  The plants, trees and flowers will recover and again bloom in the spring.  Our park exists on the banks of the Chetco so, we have love hate relationship with rain.  Too much and we worry.  Too little and we worry too. 

Spring Cleaning.

Spring cleaning is a hard job but we do it to make everything fresh.  This task is more than just sweeping dirt and leaves from the drives and RV pads.  We have to check all hose taps and replace.  It seems that the water, since it is so soft, has a great affect on the metal faucets and pipes.  The temperature also has some influence in that tiny holes can develop and during a hard freeze - boom.  You have some major leaks.  Spring cleaning also requires us to fix pot holes that developed during the past season.  Our park is at the end of a hilly entry that is influenced by winter rain run off.  If you let the pot holes go, the road could give way.  I do not think customers and guests would appreciate that.   Spring cleaning involves more than cleaning.  It also requires inspection and repairs, as needed.  We want our park to look nice for everyone who comes to stay or visit.  We also appreciate your comments on how we are doing because customers and guests are our best inspectors.

Where to camp in Brookings.

Visitors and old hands should know that the Chetco River is one of the most beautiful scenic water ways in southern Oregon.  In about 30 minutes, after leaving Brookings, you can head up the South or North Bank of the Chetco River and find a nice secluded spot right on the banks.  The gravel bar is fairly wide and large, which can accomodate tents or even RVs.  Here is a web site that has some very nice photos of the Chetco River, inviting any camper to stay awhile.

Initial posting

The purpose of this blog is to comment and keep our guests and curious campers updated with the latest happenings at our resort.  We are located on the Chetco River in beautiful southern Oregon not too far from the California border.  At the moment we are taking advantage of the early spring weather to clean, upgrade and revive our spaces for the upcoming season.  In April, we are scheduling a spring clean up to start our season off right.