Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Cleaning.

Spring cleaning is a hard job but we do it to make everything fresh.  This task is more than just sweeping dirt and leaves from the drives and RV pads.  We have to check all hose taps and replace.  It seems that the water, since it is so soft, has a great affect on the metal faucets and pipes.  The temperature also has some influence in that tiny holes can develop and during a hard freeze - boom.  You have some major leaks.  Spring cleaning also requires us to fix pot holes that developed during the past season.  Our park is at the end of a hilly entry that is influenced by winter rain run off.  If you let the pot holes go, the road could give way.  I do not think customers and guests would appreciate that.   Spring cleaning involves more than cleaning.  It also requires inspection and repairs, as needed.  We want our park to look nice for everyone who comes to stay or visit.  We also appreciate your comments on how we are doing because customers and guests are our best inspectors.

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