Friday, February 18, 2011

Snow can be expected.

We have seen some pretty crazy weather this week but in many ways, this weather is quite normal for this time of the year.  What seemed actually strange were the unusually warm and dry weather days we had in January and the first half of February.  I remember several years of freezing weather in December, January and February months.  One year in January, our park did not receive garbage service for nearly 10 days because of ice on the road after six or so inches of snow.  This weather is unwelcome but necessary to keep our hills green and river water full.  As part of our responsibility to our guests at our campground, we must keep an eye on our faucets and pipes.  This wild swing in temperatures could lead to frozen pipes or worse, broken pipes.  This weather of wind, snow, and hail will continue through next week.  On the bright side, we expect some sunshine this weekend so, we encourage you to get out and go camping.

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